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Oct 21, 2012 6:00am PDT
and legacy. >>> battleground: florida. president obama and mitt romney getting set to face off here in the sunshine state tomorrow in their final debate. the polls show a razor tight race with voters here potentially holding the key to the white house. we're live in tampa on the front lines. >>> and too young -- a startling new documentary shines a light on how young girls are influenced sexually by pop culture and social media. why you may want to keep a closer eye on what your kids are watching. "today," sunday, october 21st, 2012. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today" decision 2012. battleground: florida with lester holt live from tampa, florida, and jenna wolfe, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to a special edition of "today" on a sunday morning. i'm lester holt reporting from the university of tampa, our first stop in a tour of the three key battleground states in this year's presidential election. we'll be doing this the next few weekends. my colleague, jenna wolfe is back in studio 1a. jenna, good mornin
Oct 24, 2012 7:00am EDT
battlegrounds. we kick off our coverage of them all. we will begin a florida later on on "washington journal." talking to people on both sides of the aisle. we will begin with those late the ciders. how did you make up your mind? or if you think you are going to make up your mind and the last 13 days, we want to assure you as well. if you are supporting governor 1.mney called calle202-585-388 if you are supporting obama call 202-585-3880 0. if you are supporting another candidate call 202-585-3882. go to campaign 2012. how did you make up your mind and when? since the first presidential debate how and when did you make up your mind? late decider is only. or if you think you were going to make up your mind during the next 13 days. here is the wall street journal. candidates a bottle to lock up key states. mitt romney will spend much of the final two weeks of the campaign presenting himself as a bipartisan bridge builder. that is the wall street journal. and in the washington post -- trying to rebut criticism. republican nominee mitt romney who had been a longtime underdog signal t
Oct 20, 2012 11:30pm EDT
the ball up in the air? this is the thing that drives florida state fans crazy. deon bush is back there, almost had to call a fair catch that time waiting for an interest every sep -- interception. >> brent: long field goal. a 48-yarder. looks good. 26-13. closing in, up by 13. >> brent: aerial coverage provided by goodyear. inspi inspiring, goodyear more driven. so there you can see that miami actually had a ten-point lead before florida state kicked that field dwool and then that stretch for the 'noles, 16 unanswered and here in the fourth quarter they put up ten more. and they appear headed for the w right now. unless the 'canes' quarterback stephen morris can mount a-reminder, next saturday, all eyes will be on norman, oklahoma. the irish 7-0 for the first time since 2002 beating byu in south bend today. oklahoma big winner othver kans tonight, averaging better than 43 points a game. i don't believe the irish have allowed a rushing touchdown this year unless i missed a rushing touchdown by byu today and i could have. i apologize if i'm wrong about that but their run defense has been
Oct 27, 2012 11:00am PDT
. . >>> good saturday to you, i'm craig melvin coming from our studios wtvj in miami, florida. ten days till election day and we are here in the sunshine state. this is the first day of in-person early voting. it's a process that's not been without controversy in this election year. any time you have controversy in an election year in the state of florida, it's worth taking a close look. voters at some locations today waiting as long as 2 1/2 hours to cast their ballots. i went to two early voting stations in pembroke pines. i talked to people about why they wanted to cast their ballot before november 6th. >> i don't want to lose an opportunity. you never know what can happen. i want to be here and vote. >> voting is important to me. you should not wait. it's something that you should do. >> i'm scared of the outcome of this election. i don't like the politics, the campaigning and i want to make sure my vote is counted as early as possible. >> she had lots of company in florida early voting today. how this has become such a game-changer. first to the campaign trail where president obama is i
Oct 20, 2012 6:00pm PDT
of monday's final debate in florida. jan crawford is there. new questions about the baeg consulate attack and whether more could have been done to save the ambassador. sharyl attkisson investigates. will rising waters doom florida's coastline? anna werner looks at the latest warnings from scientists. and tip tebow traipped marks his signature move. tony guida tells us why. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> jarvis: good evening. i'm rebecca jarvis. the latest fund-raising figures out today show this presidential race is on track to be the first $1 billion campaign. through the end of september, the obama campaign raised a total of $558 million. romney raised $357 million. and that is not including money raised by all the independent groups. for now, both candidates are in seclusion, preparing for monday's final debate. jan crawford is at the debate site in boca raton, florida. good evening, jan. >> reporter: good evening, rebecca. with just 17 days left until election day what we're seeing is the attacks getting sharper and more personal. with both of the candi
Oct 14, 2012 9:00am PDT
. >> thank you. looking forward to it. >>> florida may once again be the deciding factor in the presidential race. the candidates have visited the state a combined 48 times and poured nearly $80 million into advertising. we'll get the sunshine state's coveted 29 electoral votes. the state of the race in florida is next. after lauren broke up , i went to the citi private pass page coveted 29 electoral votes. the state of the race in florida is next. h'll get the sunshine s coveted 29 electoral votes. the state of the race in florida is next. o'll get the sunshine s coveted 29 electoral votes. the state of the race in florida is next. [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl is on fire [ male announcer ] use any citi card to get the benefits of private pass. more concerts, more events, more experiences. [ jack ] hey, who's boring now? [ male announcer ] get more access with the citi card. [ crowd cheering, mouse clicks ] and sounds vying for your attention. so we invented a warning you can feel. introducing the all-new cadillac xts. available with a patented safety alert seat. when there's danger
Oct 24, 2012 8:00pm EDT
, the president campaigned in colorado and then las vegas. tomorrow he will visit florida, virginia, and ohio. >> hello, iowa. hello. is good to be back. this is about as close as i get to home these days. it is good to be back. are you fired up? [applause] are you ready to go? [applause] at the at sat, let's give cassandra a huge round of applause for the great introduction. [applause] we have got your congressman here. your mayor. and we have all of you -- i am excited to see you. [applause] this is the first stop on our 48 hour fly around campaign marathon extravaganza. we are going to pull an all- nighter. no sleep. we are starting here in iowa and going to colorado, then it nevada, then florida, virginia, ohio. i am going to stop in chicago. we have an early vote -- illinois, just like here in iowa. i had to stop in iowa to ask you for your vote. to ask you for your support so we can finish what we started. because this is where it all began, four years ago. on your front porches, your backyards, this is where the movement for change began. iowa -- you will once again choose the path tha
Oct 24, 2012 1:00pm EDT
: that was john in brooklyn. back to the independent line. florida. good afternoon, greg. go ahead with your comments. caller: i really like the third parties attention on global warming and the crisis there. host: that is your take away from the debate? global warming is your high priority issue? caller: it involves the globe and the global population, not just one particular group of people. host: joe in vegas. it says here you are a supporter of romney? caller: i voted for obama last time. i live in vegas and i have seen all kinds of stuff in tv that i did not even know about, fast and furious, and everything else obama lied about. i cannot vote for him. obama has no plans to fix the budget or to get jobs except to borrow more money. host: you voted for obama last time? caller: yes. host: are you a registered independent? caller: i'm a democrat. host: calls coming up, but in case you missed the rearing a few minutes ago, here is just the flavor of the debate featuring four candidates, jill stein, gary johnson from the libertarian party, and also rocky anderson from the justice party. here
Oct 4, 2012 2:30pm PDT
expect mr. romney will win that state. florida is a swing state. polls suggest the president is pulling away from mr. romney. it is in that too close to call category. take me inside florida and tell me what has happened on this issue. they are the ones, with their aggressive push, put this issue front and center for a lot of americans on the front pages of papers about this issue. >> it is amazing we are talking about voting controversies in florida in 2012, given what went on in 2000. it is staggering to think that florida could be going back to those days. but what happened is, after republican governor richard scott was elected in 2010, he and the republican legislature worked to reword clause and they made major changes. one was to put severe burdens on voter registration drives and prevent groups like the league of women voters from registering voters. that was enacted in 2011 and was blocked by the courts in may, 2012. for about a year, voter registration drives were shut down in florida. he cut back early voting from 14 days to 8 days, including the sunday before the election wh
Oct 15, 2012 6:00am EDT
three now and they play florida this saturday. lets's check on the markets. last week was rough, but it looks good today. up 33 points. beware anything that ends in teen. anything in october in fact for the stock market. and then you have barons piling on being bullish. that's the last thing we need. there's what's happening in asia. we seem to be getting kind of immune to or desensitize to paying almost $4 a gallon. the ten year hasn't moved aunt don't expect is to. why the euro is 1.30 con founds a people. and finally gold, i saw an article about how much gold has really advanced.people. and finally gold, i saw an article about how much gold has really advanced. you can blame it on whatever you want, but we have had a very accommodative fed and central bankers around the world. and what did bernanke wants people to have stronger currencies? >> did he specifically say stronger currencies? he said the emerging markets, there's not a strong argument to say they're suffering more than they have benefitted from the global economy getting a boost from this. >> still to come this mor
Oct 25, 2012 1:00am EDT
are talking about the battleground state of florida here, with candidates crisscrossing across the country and hitting each of these nine battleground states and pouring their resources into these states as well. we will continue over the next nine days looking at swing states. as brian crowley mentioned, unemployment in that state, 8.7% in september. the 2008 vote went to president obama with a net of 2.8% in that state. this talk about unemployment and the economy, brian crowley. how much of that is a factor in florida? guest: i don't think it was a coincidence that during the foreign policy debate, mitt romney kept bringing it back to the economy. most people turning in were not going to be paying that close attention to some of the foreign policy issues, and i don't think many \ voters go to the polls to vote based on what our decisions will be with china or cuba, for that matter. but they do vote with their pocketbooks. statewide unemployment in florida is 8.7%, but it is much higher in various pockets of florida. in some counties, as high as 12% unemployment. as we all know, that doe
Oct 14, 2012 6:00am PDT
. thank you for joining us. see you tuesday. >> thank you. looking forward to it. >>> florida may once again be the deciding factor in the presidential race. the candidates have visited the state a combined 48 times and poured nearly $80 million into advertising. we'll get the sunshine state's coveted 29 electoral votes. that's next. 00% new. ♪ 100% greek. 100% mmm... ♪ oh wow, that is mmm... ♪ in fact it's so mmm you might not believe it's a hundred calories. well ok then, new yoplait greek 100. it is so good. ♪ it is so good. it's hard to see opportunity in today's challenging environment. unless you have the right perspective. bny mellon wealth management has the vision and experience to look beyond the obvious. we'll uncover opportunities, find hidden risk, and make success a reality. bny mellon wealth management >>> of all the battle grounds this year, florida is the mother load. 29 electoral votes. the north liens republican. the south, heavily democratic. in between is florida's famed i-4 corridor, the area around the interstate that runs from daytona beach to tampa bay.
Oct 27, 2012 12:00pm PDT
. >>> good saturday afternoon from miami, florida, i'm craig melvin. we are coming to you live from our msnbc station here wtvj. this is the first day of in-person early voting in florida. we'll talk about what all that means throughout the next hour and a half, two hours. earlier today, the reverend al sharpton held a rally to get folks to the polls in florida. all part of a coordinated effort to get people to vote early. the push began earlier this year after forces opposed to early voting tried to restrict how many days the polls would be open. >> when they cut back on early voting days, when they stopped the sunday before election day, some of us got real nervous. we are going to take this lemon and make lemonade. >> tomorrow morning begins the push to get church goers to cast their ballots after they leave their sunday service. it's called souls for the polls. we are going to be in gainesville tomorrow for one of those get your souls to the polls event. we'll have a lot more from the campaign trail in a few moments. first, let's get the very latest on hurricane sandy. we've been tracking
Oct 26, 2012 4:55am EDT
. we'll have a live report from florida where sandy will pass by the coast later today. and then zero in on the midatlantic. >>> thank you for joining us down in florida we'll keep our eye on the area and that's because hurricane sandy is expected to hit the area and head up our way. we're busy monitoring the storm. we don't foe how busy it will be -- we don't know how busy it will be but it will be bad. >>> you may want to get an airline ticket now if you find a fare that's reasonable, book it, the prices are going up there are fewer scheduled flights and higher demands for fuel and seating options are limited. >>> well, they used to stop a couple. >> they would not let a suspect get away no matter what. the news starts now. >>> the hurricane lost some punch. how can you stay ahead. >>> we have live coverage going on we'll head down to florida where they are bracing for sandy, which is expected to bring the fierce rains this morning. >>> the navy sailor gunned down in baltimore, witness talks about how they tried to save him. that is coming up on friday october 26th. good morning, m
Oct 6, 2012 11:30pm EDT
'll have an update on what just happens to florida state in just a second, brad. >> brad: i think they almost scored a touchdown. about a three-yard run. he made the tackle. we're down to 5:20. buckeyes just want to take their time. >> todd: even if you don't huddle, you don't want to go hurry up now. you want to use as much of the play clock and game clock as you can. >> we can't play better than this. in back-to-back sweeks. they're real physical, low-scoring game tonight. more of a shootout game. >> brad: rod smith getting another carry. scored the last time he touched it. picked up five here. >> todd: they always ask the question when he went to florida, cowl that kind of offense work in the s.e.c.? ultimately he proved that it could. they wanted the same thing in the big ten. as long as you got braxton miller under center and healthy, you've got a shot. >> brad: career high rushing total for braxton miller, part of 339 yards on the ground for ohio state. carlos hyde, also career high, 111. third down and one. it's going to be under four minutes after this carry. miller, first
Oct 26, 2012 4:00am EDT
the east coast of florida throughout the day. danielle nottingham has more. >> reporter: florida is feeling the effects of hurricane sandy. strong winds are whipping the surf into foam. the waves and heavy rain are flooding the streets near miami. the storm is still hundreds of miles away. sandy raged over the bahamas thursday after tearing through cuba and haiti as a category 2 hurricane. florida residents are not taking this storm in stride. >> as we're speaking i'm filling sand bags. >> reporter: the center of sandy is expected to pass just off of florida's east coast friday afternoon, but forecasters say the worst of it may be four days and several hundred miles away. that's because there is a high pressure system blocking the easterly path, hurricanes usually follow into the open atlantic. sandy is expected to head up the coast then turn west, making landfall near new jersey on tuesday. that's where it could combine with a winter storm and cold arctic air. >> that means there's the possibility of storm force winds, major coastal flooding, power outages, and then inland areas we could b
Oct 31, 2012 3:00pm PDT
and partnership. >> as for mitt romney today, he held several so-called victory rallies in florida. at least this time he's admitting it's political. that's something he didn't do yesterday when he held supposedly nonpolitical storm relief events. today we learned that the romney campaign actually surprised some of the donations. campaign aides went to a local walmart and spent $5,000 on granola bars, diapers to put on display, all to make romney look like a leader who can inspire. plus, he said, that when teenage boys showed up empty handed, they retrieved the peanut butter each and got in line. when it was their turn, they handed their donations to romney and smiled and offered an earnest "thank you." today we also learned that paul ryan's staff went out of their way to stage manager storm photo op at a donation center in wisconsin. plus, he says, quote, the packing was proceeding too quickly and the supporters were given the order to slow down and then to stop to be sure that there was still goods to be packed when ryan entered. when ryan entered? another staged event just like his fiasco
Oct 27, 2012 1:00pm PDT
are here in battleground florida, where the presidential polls show mitt romney and barack obama running in a statistical dead heat. so for the campaigns, it's now all about the ground game. they're trying to get their supporters to the polls and get them there early. today is the first day of in-person early voting here in the sunshine state. no shortage of organizations working to get people to vote as soon as they can here. earlier today, i had a chance to talk with a few of the folks who decided to cast their ballots on this first day of voting. >> i work, and i don't want to be in all of the waiting and the lines and everything. >> i was with my mom, and she decided to go early, and i wanted to vote so, i went with her. >> i think i'm working election day. so i figured i'd come out a little early, get it done now. >> we'll have much more on the impact of early voting coming up here in just a few moments. >>> first, though, the very latest on hurricane sandy. we'll get to the hurricane in just a moment, though. let's go to the political headlines. we'll come back to hurricane sandy i
Oct 23, 2012 2:30am PDT
raton, florida. the morning after a debate here that saw president obama on offense attacking mitt romney's view of the world as romney played it safe, agreeing with many of the president's positions all night. good morning, i'm willie geist. this is another special edition of rockerfeller. we are set up again at rack's downtown eatery in boca raton. last night the american public got its last side by side-view of the candidates before election day, two weeks from today. polls showing this race as tight as it can be. the president and governor romney sought to leave an impression on the tens of millions of americans watching at home before they head to the voting booths. let's go through what we saw in that debate hall last night at lynn university. the foreign policy issue many predicted would dominate the high, the attack in bengahzi essentially swept under the rug. out of the gate, the candidates focusing on a wide range of issues from iran to afghanistan and for a while even the auto bailout. less than five minutes into the debate, romney mentioned the death of osama bin laden.
Oct 6, 2012 11:00am PDT
's supporters, very disappointed in his performance. mitt romney has a couple of events down in florida this weekend. but we understand he's also going to be practicing for that next debate in two weeks. rob portman, the republican senator from ohio, who has portrayed president obama in some of these rehearsals is down in florida with him. mitt romney, obviously, trying to keep that momentum going. >> what are you hearing within the white house about the spin on those -- on the 7.8% report that came out yesterday? and all these conspiracy theories that are surrounding it? >> reporter: the white house calls it utter nonsense, as do most people on both sides of the aisle. jack welch is almost famous or infamous by now. jack welch, the former ceo of general electric, tweeting out that, you know, the innuendo that the bureau of labor statistics had cooked the books. that was called utter nonsense by the deputy white house spokesman. others, including jared bernstein, who is an economist here until recently in the white house, said that welch should be ashamed of himself. you know, he's sort
FOX News
Oct 23, 2012 4:00pm PDT
cammeron is in del ray beach, florida tonight dined of a dark night. ed henry is live with us from dayton, ohio. what is in this new booklet? >> shep, it's interesting. i have got it right here. it's 20 pages, as you say a plan for jobs and middle class security. the obama camp says they are going to it slide it under 3 million doors among undecided voters, key battle grounds like here in ohio as well as florida. they have been on defense over that because of the fact that you have republicans, like mitt romney, paul ryan have been hitting him saying he hasn't laid any specifics about a second term agenda. so the president puts out this pamphlet today he has a 60 second ad he looks straight into the camera and says this is what i will do in a second term. he talks about creating jobs. he talks about clean energy. he also talks about cutting the deficit by raising taxes on the rich. this is all stuff he has talked about on the trail. that's why republicans immediately said it's not really new ideas. it's just recycled, shep. >> shepard: analysts say the president is sharpening his attack o
FOX Business
Oct 21, 2012 1:00am EDT
'm in florida, a billion dollar tax cut tousiness over three years, great economic development agency that helps business like other states than california, which raises taxes and takes money out of the economy and puts it into the government's hands, which is huge for a state like that and florida is getting its act in gear. >> what do the candidates have learn fm these governor neither one of them has exactly the same policies. >> the first thing we can learn is five out of the 7 governors in the swing states are republicans. so, a lot of the mcro republican policies seem to be working athe state level, and, rick talked about florida but look at wiscsin, scott had to go up against the reca to get collective bargaining with the unions, and, john sich, the same in ohio and, he has gone out and had about 18 tax cut plans, he's straightened out the tax code in ohi and the are the types of things either presidential cante needs to implement, going forward. to start creating jobs again. >> susan, john makes a good int, fighting unions and collective bargaining, going up against regulations. thosare
Oct 29, 2012 4:00am PDT
. >>> moments ago president obama canceled a campaign appearance in florida in order to get back to the white house sooner to monitor the storm. nbc's tracie potts has the latest for us from washington. tracie, what's going on? >> reporter: veronica, as you can see things are changing literally by the hour. the president is going to be here and not in florida this morning. so far here we just have light rain. as you can see these campaigns are taking no chances. >> reporter: governor romney will join ryan's bus tour in ohio. president obama canceled events in virginia and colorado. he'll do one last rally in florida today before heading back to washington. on sunday the president met with fema, the federal emergency management agency overseeing the government's plans to help states and cities. >> anything they need, we will be there. we're going to cut through red tape. we're not going to get bogged down with a lot of rules. >> reporter: in florida the president told campaign workers turnout is the key. >> whoever is able to get their voters out, they're the one whose are going to win florida
Oct 25, 2012 4:30am EDT
up into the bahamas. for the southeastern u.s. it will be a glancing blow as far as florida is concerned. the storm almost 500 miles away from miami. the winds intensified overnight, 110 miles per hour. cuba was hit harder than they were expecting. what's going to happen and where is the storm going? as i mentioned the southeast especially florida, georgia, south carolina area, a glancing blow for you. not a direct impact. large waves and beach erosion, yes, not the winds and heavy rain. by the time we get to sunday, this is the important part here. some of our computers take it towards washington, d.c. others take it more or less up towards maine and boston. somewhere in there the storm will get sucked back to the coast as a large storm system. large wind field, heavy rain, storm surge. a lot of issues towards the coastal areas of new england come sunday and then definitely monday looks to be the worst of it up here throughout this region. we're talking, lynn, about the possibility of an historic storm. millions of people could potentially lose power with the storm. there's
Oct 21, 2012 7:00am EDT
about florida politics this election year. we are joined by mark simpson. later, a look at the battleground state of ohio with michael alwood. washington journal life is next. -- "washington journal" live is next. ♪ host: good morning, a live look at the capitol this sunday morning. we are one day before the third and final presidential debate on the campus. voters across the country being inundated with ads in the congressional races, statewide .aces as well as the campu it is to the days before the november 6 elections. it is sunday november 21. welcome to the washington journal. our phone lines are open. newspaper -- do they matter? as always, our phone lines are open. we also have our twitter page and our facebook page. we will share comments with you as well. or send us an e-mail. the christian science monitor on its website has the question "stop the presses, a tally of endorsements." newspaper endorsements may not mean as much as they did when the press and vote in the on paper. around the country, newspapers are starting to weigh in on the major presidential c
Oct 21, 2012 8:30am PDT
tomorrow in boca raton, we'll talk to florida republican marco rubio. and we'll hear from two top campaign strategistes, obama deputy campaign manager stephanie cutter, and romney adviser kevin madden. then we'll get analysis from an all-star panel, including peggy noonan of the "wall street journal." david sanger of the "new york times." joe klein of "time" magazine. and our own john dickerson. it's getting hot and heavy, but this is "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs >> and now from lynn university in boca raton, florida, the site of monday's presidential debate, "face the nation" with bob schieffer. >> schieffer: good morning, again, and welcome to "face the nation." from boca raton, behind me this morning on the lynn university campus, you see what is known as remembrance plaza. it's a memorial to two professors and four students here who were killed in the haiti earthquake in january of 2011 while on a college service trip. and joining me now the home state senator from florida, senator marco rubio who i heard supports mitt romney. >> now, more than ever. welcome back to f
FOX News
Oct 27, 2012 9:00am PDT
by in pensacola, florida. with edhenry in new hampshire with the president. john, what can you tell us about the mood and atmosphere out there. >> good american afternoon to you uma. 8000 people here. not like he's worried about winning the counties. everything in the panhandle is solidly republican. but what he is doing in pensacola is get out the vote. turn out the heat and numbers of voters and get coverage in the other counties where he is softer. and three city stop in florida and kissime. and orlando lakes north of tampa and traveling back and forth in the i-four corridor and taking the state of florida. he is ahead by a couple of points. but you can't take it for granted here in florida. at this speech, he will build on the themes he talked about everything. he is adopting a lot of what president obama was saying. big change is needed from the next administration and because there was a huge military presence egegland air force base and pensacola naval station, he would talk about the potential defense cuts under sequestration and obama trimming back. we are about to hit the national
Oct 26, 2012 4:00pm EDT
team coverage stretches from florida to maryland. we're checking on the preparations and finding out if your power will stay on. but we begin this afternoon with storm team 4, which has been ahead of sandy all day long. let's go right now to meteorologist veronica johnson for the latest on the new models. veronica? >> thanks a lot, pat. a lot of folks wondering why is this a frankenstorm? we're seeing all the right ingredients to make it just that. we've got a hurricane moving up the coast, possibly becoming a tropical storm by the time it gets near us. we have high pressure up across new england that will block that storm and push it inland. then we've got a weather front coming in from the west. all interacting, giving us a whole lot of rain throughout the area. the winds are at 75 miles per hour, sitting just off the coast of florida. watch it as it makes its way northward. a category 1, perhaps even weakening before it makes landfall. so what's changed now from the last time we hit air, and from some of the new guidance that comes out, is the fact that it's going to be lagging by
Oct 25, 2012 5:30pm EDT
>>> sandy could impact our weather, but florida is getting a taste of it. >> tropical storm warnings are up. let's take you to our sister station. this is midway between west palm and fort lauderdale. we can see it and hear it. >> reporter: things are deteriorating getting worse and worse. they're topping up the waves. it's causing a lot of beach erosion much the sand gets kicked out into the see. this is six to eight foot waves. the only people swimming are kite surfers and they are loving this. these are the kind of days they have been waiting for. it gives them the kind of conditions they want to be in. of course, these waves cause a lot of problems. we have piers that have been closed down because the waves are crashing into the pier and creating dangerous conditions for anybody to be standing out there. a couple of piers closed down. we have schools closed for today and tomorrow, so some closures. luckily, it doesn't look like we'll have any severe weather, really, just tropical storm force winds. down in florida, we're used to that. these guys are loving it. back to yo
Oct 19, 2012 4:00pm EDT
the critically important swing state of florida. it's the most important state as far as electoral votes that are still up for grabs. standby. we're about to release the number. also, after a night of trading some light hearted one-liners, president obama tosses a new and very barbed laugh line at mitt romney. and a car bomb shakes beirut's fragile peace, kills one of lebanon's top critics of the bashar al assad regime in syria. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> with just 18 days to go until the presidential election, we begin this hour with important information just into "the situation room" from the state of florida. our brand new cnn/orc poll shows the state remains up for grabs. mitt romney's 49% to 48% lead over president obama is within the poll's plus or minus four-point sampling error. cnn's chief national correspondent john king is standing by. florida, florida, it's still florida, florida, florida. >> a dead heat. but that is momentum for mitt romney. if you look back two months ago when we polled among likely voters the president had a four-point lead, rig
Oct 19, 2012 1:00pm PDT
with important information just into "the situation room" from the state of florida. our brand new cnn/orc poll shows the state remains up for grabs. mitt romney's 49% to 48% lead over president obama is within the poll's plus or minus four-point sampling error. cnn's chief national correspondent john king is standing by. florida, florida, it's still florida, florida, florida. >> a dead heat. but that is momentum for mitt romney. if you look back two months ago when we polled among likely voters the president had a four-point lead, right at the margin of error. governor romney now with the lead. the campaign increasingly confident about the state of florida and obama campaign concedes it's going his way. they've been spending as much as governor romney on television $5 million just last week to keep it close. why is it like this? a big generational gap in florida. voters under the age of 50 a huge advantage for president obama. but on those medicare attacks are not working so well 36%, to 56% among romney. that's a plus for the romney campaign in florida. talked about a generational gap. there'
Oct 22, 2012 2:30am PDT
in boca raton, florida. let me anticipate your clever tweets. rack is owned by a man named gary rack. no, it's he not a hooters knockoff. we can all move along together. along with these brave souls here who are joining me at this ungodly hour, a big night in boca. just 15 days out from the big day. florida and its 29 electoral votes critical for this election as they always are. we've got some new nbc wall street journal polling that captures the air tight state of this race. we will talk live in a moment to the head of the council on foreign relations, richard hoff, about what he'd like answered. we begin life at 5:30 a.m. boca time where the polls stand 15 days until the votes are cast. the new nbc wall street journal poll has this race dead even among likely voters. 47-47. before the debate season began in early september, the president held a five point lead. among women voters the president's lead shrinking down to eight points. the smallest lead he's had with women all year in this nbc poll. among men, mitt romney holds a ten point advantage. when asked which candidate is better p
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